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What is LuxuryFlyFF? Empty What is LuxuryFlyFF?

Post by Blastoy on Thu Sep 30, 2010 4:46 am

Welcome to Luxury! Just by reading this, you are now considered a Luxirian! And as a Luxirian, you are treated with the up most respect and dignity by our community and staff. Don't be intimidated! This is a server that wants to reach out to all of you, giving each and every one of you the best possible adventures and laughs that would reminiscence in the future when it begins to be told.

What makes us unique is the way we love to engage in conversations with our players and create events to all so that the entertainment level always remains high. In LuxuryFlyFF, us GameMasters never put ourselves ahead of our players, and it's our number 1 priority to create contact and act as a regular player would. So if you think you are ready to make new friendships and be accepted by the community, consider joining us! We won't let you down, promise!

Also, new players, our forum is operated to hide certain forums if you are not logged in. We have this category open so you can decide yourself if you wanna join us, and so that you can ask us questions and retain assistance. Make an account on the forums and consider yourself a player! See you in-game! geek

This is one of the most moderated categories in this forum. Make SURE you follow all the rules carefully or we will have to bring the Bann-Hammah. Thanks for your consideration! A list of rules can be found here: http://luxuryflyff.forumotion.com/announcement-f1/rules-for-players-t195.htm
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